Did you know we humans have worshiped around 5,000 different gods from the beginning of history up until the present?

Today's God

Men Ascaenus
(Antioch/Asia Minor)
A local tutelary god.

Obviously that number is incomplete because we have been worshiping since much earlier than we were able to record our own history. Unfortunately, many ancient legends, songs and oral traditions have been hopelessly lost through time, and the deities they spoke of never made it into the historic record. Additionally, new ancient gods are constantly discovered through archaeology once in a while.

So, we have compiled a list* of past and present gods we know about, and have publish it here along with some basic tools to help you discover them and learn about them.

This list can assist in choosing what god(s) to worship, or in realizing how many gods one doesn't believe in. For the religious person with an established faith in a particular god, this list can also provide a perspective on atheism once one realizes how many other gods one discards as false.

* We are constantly revising this list to fix errors and make it as useful as possible. If you notice any inexact information we will appreciate you for letting us know at contact@pickyourgod.com

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